This episode, join Mallory, Sean, & Charles as they talk about the South Korean film “I Saw The Devil” & William Hope Hodgson’s short story “The Baumoff Explosive”. Mallory reveals that she knows nothing about 50 Cent, and everyone talks about their families.

Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod (

Show Notes:
William Hope Hodgson – The Baumoff Explosive
50 Cent – In Da Club

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4 comments on “Episode 70 – Mama’s Getting Hot

  1. Nice to see WHH get some attention here but odd that you chose this story to do. This was definitely one of his minor stories but the interesting aspect of it is the fact that WHH’s father was an Anglican Priest and he would NOT have approved of this story at all. Next time, go with “Voice in the Night”.

  2. Loved “Santa & Capt. America” comparison. . Was Laughing til I cried during that segment.
    Love you two.

    p.s. dad doesn’t hate Mallory, he’s just overly conservative.

    • Charles Nov 11, 2014

      Aww yiss, most embarrassing comment ever! I should probably cut back on all the cock and jizz jokes now that I know that you actually listen to episodes (Spoiler Alert: Probably not going to cut back on that, those are my comedic bread and butter, respectively. Worst sandwich, though).

      Love you too, and saying so publicly makes me a good son.

  3. Hi Mrs. Meyer!