Miskatonic Musings is a horror podcast for terrible people. Each week, your hosts will spend at least an hour drinking and talking about horror, weird fiction, and whatever bullshit tangents they manage to get off on.

Who are they? Why are they doing this? Can they be stopped?!


Website: http://www.spookysean.com

Twitter: @SpookySeanT

Sean is a man of grand, horrific tastes. He talks about terror, writes, and elucidates. He makes lots of dick jokes, though can't remember much. Hope you enjoy the show, we podcast, and such.


Twitter: @ftd_ftd

Misanthrope. Bearded. Gets all weepy during Batman movies.

Leeman Kessler

Website: http://www.geekuallyyoked.com/

Twitter: @LeemanKessler

Leeman started life as Miskatonic Musings' Jack Hanna, brought on when no-one else would agree to be on the show. At some point, like Jack Black and the other one from High Fidelity, he just kept showing up unasked and now I guess he's a co-host? He also impersonates HP Lovecraft for his web series, Ask Lovecraft.


Website: http://malloryomeara.tumblr.com/

Twitter: @sexoskeleton

Mallory is a producer for Dark Dunes Productions, a film production company specializing in horror, sci-fi and fantasy films with practical special effects and puppetry. Much like Frosty the Snowman, she'll be back again someday.