In this episode, Sean & Charles are joined by special guest host Leeman Kessler to talk about the film Ravenous and issues 4 & 5 of Ten Grand. Note: Leeman has not seen nor read these things. Sean talks hobo smells. Charles doesn’t get to talk about Sandra Bullock movies. Leeman comes out in defense of Leprechaun 4.

Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod (

Show Notes:
Your Daddy’s Star Trek
Ask Lovecraft
Schaffer The Darklord – The Tin Man

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2 comments on “Episode 24 – Bing

  1. Eugene Jun 18, 2016

    Hi, guys, I know it’s an old recording and all that, but I just can’t help replying. “Russo-Fin ‘Jack Frost” isn’t Jack Frost at all, it’s “Morozko”. This movie gets a lot of bad rep purely because of a MST3K episode about it. MST3K cut of the movie is shorter by 30 minutes and has intentionally weird dub, so, please, don’t judge the actual movie by it. I mean really, calling Baba Yaga (witch, basically) – a hunchback-fairy? Sadly, it’s not an only Soviet movie treated this way by MST3K.
    And it’s not “a fucked up and weird fairy-tale”, it’s how fairy tales are when they are done properly. This movie is Russian and Finnish Christmas classic, dammit.