This week, Sean, Mallory, & Charles are straight-up dropping knowledge about John Carpenter, talking Halloween & Prince of Darkness. Charles checks his ego, then proceeds to confuse “synopsis” with “play-by-play recap of the entire film”. Sean looks for pen pals who love Satan. Mallory starts bleeding everywhere, then tries to spit on the wound.

Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod (

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3 comments on “Episode 23 – Carpentry 101

  1. Mallory kicked BUTT in that horror trivia contest at the Halloween party . . .

  2. Richard P. DeStefano Nov 14, 2013

    I listened to this one because I heard my name was mentioned. First, that whole being confused with Sean thing was exploded out of proportion but that’s not my beef.

    You see Mallory would lead you to believe that she “smoked” the competition in horror trivia, but she neglected to mention the absolutely AMAZING streak I was on in horror trivia and the way I single-handedly decimated the competition round after round. The only reason she won was because of biased officiating. Werewolves? Gaiman? They practically handed her the championship. But despite it all, in the spirit of the great Rocky Balboa, I persevered and I overcame the odds. It was an inspiration to everyone in that room, and everyone who was there that night knows who the real trivia champion is and that’s Richard P. DeStefano. Kaboom.

  3. Spoopy Nov 19, 2013

    The Trivia was fixed, I tells ya.
    Rich was never supposed to take it. It was all a set up.
    But you should have seen him. Round after round.
    He was a superstar.