This episode, join Sean, Charles & special guest Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft as they discuss two visions of the apocalypse: the 1995 Christopher Walken film The Prophecy, and the short story “A Colder War” by Charles Stross.

Spoilers: Leeman has a better Walken impression than Charles or Sean.

Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod (

Show Notes:
Charles Stross – A Colder War
soc.history.what-if – The Shoggoth Gap
Ask Lovecraft
Geekually Yoked
I Don’t Even Own A Television – Left Behind w/Leeman Kessler
Rachel’s Farscape Re-Watch

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3 comments on “Episode 61 – Talkin’ Walken

  1. Hey guys,

    Can you share a link to the SEP Files (I think that’s what they’re called; mentioned at 1:01:25 on the podcast)? My google-fu has failed me in my quest to find it.

    Love the show!


  2. Eugene Jun 18, 2016

    Hi again, guys! That’s an old episode, but I’ve commented on 12th episode, so it’s kinda okay at this point, right?
    Anyways, about Koschei. He is not a Blue Beard (dude’s almost a skeletone, he just can’t do anything), if you want to compare him to something familiar – he is a Red Scare. Because he kinda symbolizes mongols. Just kinda.
    His thing is greed though. “Kosh” means a lord, rich man, and at the same time a slave (in old turkish, I think) – he is a slave of his greed. “Over his riches dark Koschei’s dying slowly”. So he is kinda Scrooge? I dunno.

    Also, it’s not his soul that is hidden, it’s his death (which makes more sense). Funny thing, in one fairy tale he was killed by being pummeled with a horse (graphic image of his head exploding under a hoof), being set on fire and then having his ashes scattered around the land.