This week, Sean, Leeman, & Charles sit down to discuss Damien Angelica Walters’ short story “The Judas Child”, as well as Mike Flanagan’s new film “Hush”!

Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod (

Show Notes:
Damien Angelica Walters – The Judas Child (via Nightmare Magazine)
Bloody Disgusting – [Interview] ‘Hush’ Director Mike Flanagan and Actress Kate Siegel On Their New Thriller!
Miskatonic Musings – Episode 4 – Consentia
Miskatonic Musings – Episode 79 – Mouth Crippled

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2 comments on “Episode 137 – Fooms

  1. Jack Linos Nov 4, 2016

    Jeesus H.

    This could be a great podcast if you guys realized that your humor, which you all seem to be so impressed with, should augment the podcast, not the basis of it. You do that and nullify, if not totally negate the possibility of real discourse. There are other ways of not taking yourselves seriously aside from the circle-jerk you guys call I show. Started our great and then just plummeted. All the work you mentioned deserves better.

    If I didn’t care or was hoping for more, I wouldn’t have even taken the time to write this.

    You can do better and still be, you know, pseudo-funny.

    • Charles Nov 17, 2016

      Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we’ve already started making plans to double-down on the circle-jerking for 2017. (I don’t want to spoil anything, but there may be an episode early next year that deals with the concept of a podcast mirror universe. I think Mirror-Sean might have an eyepatch.)

      Hope you find what you’re looking for in regards to a podcast with a discourse-to-comedy ratio better suited to your tastes.

      Much love,