Join us for the 2015 Miskatonic Musings Cavalcade of Guests, recorded live at NecronomiCon Providence 2015. MC’d by Proteus VII, listen to Sean & Charles interview:

  • Leeman Kessler
  • Simon Strantzas
  • Scott R. Jones
  • Ross Lockhart
  • Nick Gucker
  • Pickpocket James
  • John Langan
  • Pete Rawlik

The Curtain Rises Kevin MacLeod (
Heroic Age Kevin MacLeod (
Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod (

Photo Credit:
Todd Chicoine Photography

Show Notes:
Ask Lovecraft
Aickman’s Heirs
Undertow Books
When The Stars Are Right
Martian Migraine Press
Word Horde
Cthulhu Fhtagn!
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