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Episode 227 – Alan

Fun fact - in my personal sexiest dreams, Wilson from Home Improvement is a velociraptor saying my name from behind a burning car. This week, we're covering "Good Fences" by Genevieve Valentine and the 2008 home invasion film "The Strangers". Read More
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Episode 226 – Douchebag X

Hope you like jokes about Willy Denzey, because this week we're talking about the short story "Horror Story" by Carmen Maria Machado and the 2017 Belgian film "The Mansion". Read More
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Episode 224 – Cotton Candy Scarecrow

This week, we have a chat about "The Shadow at the Bottom of the World" by Thomas Ligotti, the 2014 film "Life After Beth", the truths of Garfield, and what our cooking show would be like. Read More
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