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Episode 206 – Snap Crackle Pop

In which we discuss the short story "Necksnapper" by MP Johnson & the 2017 film "The Ritual". Plus, we analyze Sean's tall boi physiology, plan a lads holiday, and announce our first-ever corporate sponsor! Read More
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Episode 205 – Up To The Shoulder

Grab a Slusho and dig out your party mix CD from 2008 (it's on the third floor, by the lamp) - this week we're discussing the films "Cloverfield" and "The Cloverfield Paradox". Read More
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Episode 204 – Too Many Holes

Prepare for creepy dolls, slug girls, Muppet teachers, and viscous white mud - we're covering the first five episodes of the horror anime anthology series "Junji Ito Collection". Read More
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Episode 200 – Clip Show

To celebrate our 200th episode, we put together a dang clip show of your Top 5 Favorite Miskatonic Musings Moments. Read More
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Episode 199 – Word

Ring in the New Year with a shitty, shitty vampire movie! Our Blade-Stravaganza concludes with 2004's "Blade: Trinity". Read More
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Episode 198 – Christmas Kristofferson

It's the most wonderful time of the year - by which I mean it's our annual Holiday Episode, plus it's part two of our Blade-Stravaganza! Gather 'round & let's argue about whether or not Blade II is a Christmas movie. Read More
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