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Episode 173 – Yaoi Hands

This week, we make some noise about three silent films - 1896's The Devil's Castle, 1910's Frankenstein, & 1922's Nosferatu. Read More
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Episode 170 – Salt Grub

This episode, we sit down to chat about Kelly Robson's short story "A Human Stain" and the 2014 film "Late Phases." Read More
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Episode 169 – Fuck Marry Kill

This week, Leeman fills us in on the details of performing Ask Lovecraft at George R.R. Martin's Jean Cocteau Cinema, and we answer a dang weird listener question from Tim. Read More
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Episode 166 – Cat Attack

This week, we sit down to discuss Livia Llewellyn's short story "The Low, Dark Edge of Life" and the 1973 film "The Legend of Hell House." Read More
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Episode 165 – Back On Brand

Happy Valentine's Day! Get ready for romance as we discuss "Sweet Ermengarde" by Percy Simple (H.P. Lovecraft) and the 2014 film "Honeymoon." Read More
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