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Episode 226 – Douchebag X

Hope you like jokes about Willy Denzey, because this week we're talking about the short story "Horror Story" by Carmen Maria Machado and the 2017 Belgian film "The Mansion". Read More
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Episode 224 – Cotton Candy Scarecrow

This week, we have a chat about "The Shadow at the Bottom of the World" by Thomas Ligotti, the 2014 film "Life After Beth", the truths of Garfield, and what our cooking show would be like. Read More
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Episode 221 – Genital Chicken

This week, we have a nice little chat about the 2015 film "What We Do In The Shadows", get off on a tangent about the recently-cancelled "Ghosted" on Fox, and say some things that we decide that we need to apologize to Rita Moreno for. Read More
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Episode 220 – Sugar Boy

This week, we discuss the short story "The Body Finder" by Kaaron Warren, as well as the 2012 horror comedy "The Cabin In The Woods". Read More
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Episode 219 – Which Ghost When

Oooh boy, time to get all depressing and sad! This episode, we talk about Robert Levy's short story "The Vault of the Sky, The Face of the Deep", as well as the 2018 horror film Hereditary. Read More
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Episode 218 – Gordon

Please applaud our restraint - we managed to not talk about Bee Movie while discussing the short story "Beehive Heart" by Angela Rega. We also don't talk about Bee Movie while discussing the 1986 film "Chopping Mall", but that's probably less impressive. Read More
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