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Episode 150 – God Hates Space Bats

It's episode 150, and we celebrate the occasion by discussing the 1993 film "Necronomicon: The Book of the Dead", as well as H.P. Lovecraft's short story "Cool Air". Read More
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Episode 148 – Gorillas In The Twist

Welcome, boys and ghouls, to another episode of Miskatonic Musings! This week, we seek to vibrate audible terror deep into your CHOKElea by discussing three episodes of HBO's Tales From The Crypt - The Ventriloquist's Dummy, Television Terror, and Maniac at Large. Pleasant screams! Read More
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Episode 145 – Unsolicited Dad Pics

We are joined by "Power Listener" Tim Vargulish & artist Mark Teffer to chat about the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming horror comic, Veterinary Clinic! Read More
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Episode 144 – Werewolf Tom Hardy

Leeman & Charles spend way too damn long talking about Pokemon Go before finally getting to this week's topic of discussion, the 2016 film "The Invitation." Read More
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