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Episode 215 – We Didn’t Start The Fire

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A-FRAID! We're getting our geek on and discussing three stories from "Terror in 16-Bits", a video game-theme horror collection from Muzzleland Press - "Sairens" by Julie K. Godard, "The Drunkard's Dream" by Orrin Grey, and "Centralia" by our very own good boy Sean M. Thompson. Read More
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Episode 214 – The Man Did Man Things

This week, we have a chat about the 1975 made-for-TV film "Trilogy of Terror". Remember that one? It's the anthology film with the Zuni Fetish Doll story, plus two other segments that you forgot about entirely. Read More
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Episode 212 – Dongspiracy

Empty your caskets and put on your smiles - this week, we talk about the short story "Sleep Paralysis" by Dale Bailey and the 1994 film "Cemetery Man". Read More
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Episode 211 – Boat Boy Season

This week, we sit down and do a fairly poor job of synopsizing the first 5 episodes of AMC's "The Terror", and somehow get kinda distracted talking about Game of Thrones for a bit (Spoilers for that, I guess?). Read More
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Episode 207 – Corn Boys

No dads allowed this week, as we cover two tales of anti-dad rural horror - "Different Angels" by Lynda E. Rucker, and the 1984 film "Children of the Corn". Read More
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